Additional Products

Additional Products

To complement the CSSD range, you will find on this part of the site the additional products.

  • Interster drying towel
    Interster drying towel

    Article number: 3FSZB790850

  • Registration Card
    Registration Card

    Article number: 3FSKS645802

  • Documentation System
    Documentation System

    Article number: 3FSKS680802

  • Liquid Control Dye Penetration Test I & II
    Liquid Control Dye Penetration Test I & II

  • Interster Seal Check
    Interster Seal Check

    Article number: 3FSZB830802

  • Markers

  • Instru Protector Small & Medium
    Instru Protector Small & Medium

  • Net identification label blanco
    Net identification label blanco

    Article number: 3FTSZ430802

  • Masking & sterilisation indicator tape
    Masking & sterilisation indicator tape

  • Dustcovers