Interster delivers a total range of packaging materials to the CSSD. All of these materials can be delivered in standard formats. Interster prides itself in distinguishing herself by possessing her own unique cutting facility for the processing of semi-finished products into sterilization packaging materials. Interster can meet specific demands of this area in every CSSD. Nearly every combination can be delivered in many different sizes. It is also possible to obtain various types in interleaved combinations. It is a known fact that sterilization packaging materials are regarded as company waste. Of course our complete range conforms to the norm EN-ISO 11607 1 & 2 and all products are provided with a CE-mark.

  • Twin-Wrap

  • Meatex

  • Secu-Wrap

  • Interwrap 335, 340, 350 & Crêpe Sensitive
    Interwrap 335, 340, 350 & Crêpe Sensitive

  • Tray Liners
    Tray Liners

  • Innerlayer Blue (soaker sheets)
    Innerlayer Blue (soaker sheets)

Contact: export@interster.nl