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  • Bowie & Dick Autoclave Testsheet A4


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  • 3FSKS615802

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The A4-size test sheet is the ideal aid for the daily testing of the autoclaves in the CSSD. It is the foundation for the original Bowie & Dick test as described in the EN 285. The test sheet is to be positioned in the middle of a textile package, in a preheated autoclave that has gone through an empty cycle first. The test sheet in compliance with EN-ISO 11140-1 (Type 2) and EN-ISO 11140-3, changes in colour from light blue to even dark and gives an outcome that is open to only one interpretation.

A carton contains fifty pieces of the A4-size test sheet, each printed with a batch number and more information can be recorded on the reverse side. The ink is non-toxic and is applied by means of silk-screen printing. The sheet is laminated thus ensuring that the ink cannot migrate on the textile.

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