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  • Bowie & Dick Helix Test


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  • 3FSKS613801

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The testing and monitoring of air removal and steam penetration as described in the EN285 and the ISO11140-4 is still based on porous materials which were used more frequently in the past, compared to the hollow or narrow medical devices, which is far more common in the current time and day. With this in mind a PCD with a hollow tube, instead of porous material is more representive as a PCD for daily sterilized medical devices. As a result, Interster International B.V. has developed a Bowie & Dick Helix Test a daily use control product from checking the steam penetration and air removal of large sterilizers.


In order to minimise and control the risks in the sterlisation processes, it is of utmost importance to monitor processes independently. Interster specialises in offering various solutions for controling and monitoring sterilisation.


  • Aluminum casing containing a helix
  • 250 indicator strips
  • Conform ISO 11140-4 performance requirements
  • Indicator ink conform ISO 11140-1 (type 1)
  • Includes heat resistant gloves and spare cap


This Bowie & Dick Helix Test System offers a great advantage in terms of storage compared to the traditional Bowie & Dick tests. The State of the Art design is small and replaces the paper Bowie & Dick Tests. It meets the ISO 11140-4 performance requirements which makes the system an apt solution for independent daily tests.
In addition to the ease of storing the Bowie & Dick Helix Test, it has a certain economic advantage in contrast to the test made of paper. Using the test is easy and can be applied on a daily basis by any given employee within a CSSD.

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