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The Interwrap Sterile Barrier System meets this standard among others. The Interwrap 335, 340 and 350 are very flexible and strong wrapping materials that offer optimum protection. Also, the 335, 340 and 350 non-wovens are alcohol repellent, which makes them useable as a sterile field.

Interwrap can be delivered in standard formats: 75 x 75 cm, 90 x 90 cm, 100 x 100 cm, 120 x 120 cm and 120 x 140 cm. Nearly every combination can be delivered in many different sizes. It is also possible to obtain various types in interleaved combinations. Interwrap 335, 340 and 350 are available in blue and green.


Interwrap non-woven is a combination of cellulose fibres, enhanced with polyester fibres and a binder. The Interwrap non-wovens are micrexed very delicately, which makes the material extra flexible and drapeable and simplifies the packaging process. The Interwrap material is available Interleaved.


The Interwrap 335, 340 and 350 non-wovens provide an excellent regulation of fluids; after sterilization they have perfect fluid repellent qualities that prevent the migration of micro organisms. In addition, the Interwrap non-wovens are resistant to isopropyl-alcohol of 70%, which makes these non-wovens suitable as packaging material, but also adequate as a sterile field in the operating theatre. Interwrap non-wovens offer a high resistance in pulling and tearing strength, due to the combination of cellulose and polyester fibres. Interwrap is particle-free and memoryfree; the latter meaning that, both before and after sterilization, the packaging material will not fold back when the sterile set is opened. This ensures a good aseptic technique and, subsequently, it prevents contamination. Interwrap is suitable for steam, EO and gamma sterilization and meets the existing standards and guidelines.

Crêpe Sensitive

The sterilization packaging material Crêpe Sensitive is a cellulose based Sterile Barrier System. The crêpe is strong and flexible in use, cost efficient and, in combination with other packaging materials, it provides an excellent fluid regulation with optimum protection of the sterile product. The material can perfectly be used for the regular pursuits, and is especially appropriate as an external- or transportation packaging.


Interster’s crêpe is manufactured of oxygen bleached cellulose, enhanced with a binder. The crêpe sensitive has a very fine structure, which makes the material extra flexible and drapeable, and which simplifies the packaging process. Also, crêpe sensitive is made out of very soft material, which makes it very user friendly. Both crêpes and the Interwrap material are available Interleaved. In addition, a combination of the materials mentioned above and other Interster SBS materials is possible.